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Vote “no” on Denver’s Green Roof Initiative

We’re big fans of trees here on the Denver Post editorial board, but we’re asking voters to reject Initiated Ordinance 300, which would force owners of many buildings to install rooftop gardens or solar panels. Residents should thank environmental activists for raising awareness to the usefulness of gardens atop buildings, but they should reject this […]

Mayor Hancock: Green roof initiative is ‘not the right approach for Denver’

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has formally opposed Initiative 300, a ballot measure that would require building owners to make changes to their properties incorporating “green roof” amenities. Hancock’s office earlier this week issued a statement to members of the Denver City Council voicing his opposition to the measure, a citizen-initiated ordinance certified by the Denver […]

Denver Green Roof Initiative Meets Strong Opposition

An initiative that would require many buildings in Denver to feature environment-friendly “green roof” amenities that will appear on the city’s ballot this November, has met strong opposition from the commercial real estate industry, concerned about the negative impact the proposed ordinance could have on Denver. The ordinance would require all new commercial buildings over […]

Brush Fire Burns Roof Of Seattle Skyscraper

SEATTLE, WA – This isn’t your typical brush fire. A garden on the rooftop of a notable downtown Seattle skyscraper caught fire Monday night. According to pictures from the incident, it appears that some tall grasses in the garden were a main part of the fire The fire was reported just after 7 p.m. Monday […]

Green roofs will benefit Denver, but they shouldn’t be mandated

The best thing that can be said for a proposed “green roofs” ballot initiative in Denver is that it would address problems of genuine concern. Big cities do in fact function as “urban heat islands” that boost temperatures (especially at night) by several degrees compared to rural areas and thus require more energy and water […]